Tibetan Vintage Conch Shell Horn

Tibetan golden lotus

$1,050.00 $5,000.00

Tibetan Vintage Conch Shell Horn

A conch shell is one of the oldest icons in Buddhism.  It is made by nature, not man, & sounds in all directions, as do the teachings of the Buddha. Consequently, the conch is seen as a vehicle fearlessly proclaiming the truth of dharma in all directions. It is also seen as an emblem of power & authority & is thought to banish evil. A white conch shell was presented to Sakyamuni by the great sky god Indra.

Here, several animals are depicted around the top spiral of the shell: a mongoose, tiger, sheep, hare & one unidentified animal that may be a bore. The mouthpiece is a lotus blossom. Two tigers occupy the silver & gemstone horn's opening. The pointed base is tipped with a turquoise end & has champka fruit from the wish-granting tree.

note:  this is part of my personal collection