Pumpkin Tibetan Golden Lotus Boat Neck Cashmere Poncho

Tibetan golden lotus


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Tibetan Golden Lotus Pumpkin Boat-Neck Cashmere Poncho

This Elegant Cashmere poncho is made of soft flowing fine cashmere yarn which is easy to throw on and provides an instant trendy update to any outfit.

100% Cashmere Poncho, handcrafted in Nepal. Super soft, incredibly luxurious and only gets better the more it's worn. With an asymmetrical neckline, the poncho can be worn in several ways. Perfect for cool evenings keeps you warm in air-conditioned restaurants and offices and makes the perfect gift as one size fits most! Wonderful bridesmaid gift, mother/mother in law gift and the best travel companion! Folds or rolls into a small square that easily fits into your purse/tote.

Usage: A Poncho, A V-Neck, A Shawl, A Scarf, A summer top etc..


           ✦ 100% Cashmere

           ✦ Made In Nepal

           ✦ Width : 28 inches

           ✦ Length : 28 inches

           ✦ Weight : 8 OZ

Your Cashmere Likes :

          ✦ Dry Clean it or Hand wash it. They are extremely delicate and could get spoilt when washing if proper care is not taken.

Directions for hand washing:

              ✦Brush gently to remove excess fiber. Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent soap or with low PH hair shampoo. Place on a towel and roll up together to squeeze out the water. To dry it, place it flat on the ground and let it air-dry. Lightly stretch and level the edges.

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Different ways to WEAR it


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Keep in mind

           This item is handmade. As with all handcrafted work, it creates variations in color, size, and design. A slight difference can be expected from one piece to another. Also, color discrepancies may occur between this product and your computer screen.

Cashmere, no matter the cost of the garment, will pill or develop bobbles. They should be removed gently with either a sweater comb or a shaver designed specifically for knits. Pills/bobbles will decrease as the item is worn. There is also a slight amount of lint when the item is new. This also decreases as the garment is washed/dry cleaned.

About Our Kinds of Cashmere

Tibetan Golden Lotus Cashmere ponchos come from the Tibetan Plateau Goat that is indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalayas in Nepal/Tibet/China.

Many people believe the Cashmere from Nepal & Tibet is the best in quality because of the conditions to which the mountain goats have adapted over centuries.

The high Himalayas of Nepal/Tibet have a harsh, cold climate so in order for these mountain goats to survive, they have developed an exceptionally warm and light fiber that may be slightly coarser and warmer than cashmere fibers obtained from lower region goats. There are significant differences in the quality of Cashmere.

The longest and finest fiber is collected from the throat and/or the underbelly of the goat. These fibers command the highest prices. The lighter colored natural fibers are more expensive. You will find these items selling in the stores for 2 to 3 times our pricing.

True Cashmere is such a fine hair/fiber that it cannot be machine woven. Nepal/Tibet Cashmere is all hand loomed. At times hand loomed Shawls/Scarves/Throws are known to may have some minor flaws and if they are missing these minor flaws then the weaver is excellent or it may have been woven by a machine. Machine woven Cashmere [Pashmina] is most likely a blend of Cashmere and Silk and is most likely made in China.


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Additional Information: The descriptions we use for our merchandise are based on our supplier’s representations to us. We do not manufacture our own merchandise so we rely on what we are told by our suppliers. When a supplier advises us that he or she knows or believes that the item is a mixed blend. For example, Yak wool, Cashmere wool, Cotton, Silk and etc., we note so in our descriptions. We are unable to determine the actual % relationship of blended materials that may be included in our merchandise without a costly lab test, which would have to be added to the price of our merchandise and make selling it prohibitive. We do not note anywhere in our product descriptions that an item is “100%” or “Pure” unless we have a strong assurance that it is possibly a true statement.